Who’s the Fool?

I have been remiss in keeping up to date on the Food Fool’s weight-loss challenge – apologies. I’d like to say I have been so focused on efforts to lose weight I had no time for anything else. If that had been the case, I would be in much better shape today. Truthfully, I was just busy – imagine you all know about being busy…

Our end date for the challenge was April 1 (hence our Food Fool’s title).  There was a core group that kept up to date on what they accomplished and overall the group reported a total weight loss of slightly more than 50 pounds – and as I mentioned once before, there was one of us who managed to lose and gain the same two pounds the entire time. Actually someone else confessed to those same results. I did my best most of the time, but when I was bad…well, I was really bad….and it appears I was really bad every other week. With the onset of spring (finally), that lighter weight wardrobe will be a reminder that a lighter weight body will be required as well. I love spring – I am a gardener and will spend long hours digging and planting and weeding and raking – I take great pleasure in burning calories at one of my favorite hobbies, so I feel doubly rewarded at the end of the day. Looking forward to many days of hard work and exceptional results!

I am happy to report that everyone generously offered their total entry fee for donation to Kent Social Services – we sent a check for $173 to them last week. While some of us did not feel too good about our end results, we did indeed feel great about being able to help others!

The challenge offered these benefits:

1)      Weight loss – obviously

2)      Donation to Kent Social Services

3)      “Friendly” encouragement (or something like that as in, “So, eating another cookie, I see!”)

4)      New recipes – from our lunch gatherings – most of them healthy and low calorie

5)      A renewed focus on eating healthy (many of us are continuing our joint efforts to manage our eating habits )

For me, this was not as easy as I had expected, especially since I had done it before and succeeded….I became the fool for real. I know where I went wrong and I know what I have to do…now I just have to do it. This fool will find a way!  It’s been a pleasure sharing with you….hope that if you try this in your office – you will achieve good results!