For the Love of Gardening…

The first day of spring brings us Northeast Ohioans a sense of new beginning. The escape from the dreary winter is near.  The cold is almost gone. The thought of sun-filled days makes you giddy. Then, if you are like me, a self-proclaimed “gardening nerd,” there is the excitement of planning what you will be doing with your vegetable and flower gardens this year.

My love for gardening began when I was young. My mother always had a vegetable garden each year along with many flower beds to tend to. I would love to help with putting in the plants and seeds but not with pulling the weeds. Crazy as it sounds, I now enjoy pulling weeds, go figure! The love of gardening that my mother had was inherited from her parents, especially my grandfather, and it could probably go back even farther. I have come to the conclusion that gardening is in my blood. 

When spring rolls around, my mind is wandering to the thoughts of flowers and fresh veggies.

  • What should I put in the vegetable garden this year?
  • What flowers and plants need dividing?
  • I need to clean up the decayed plants from last fall.
  • Then there is the raking all of the endless pine needles out of the front beds.

The list is endless, but for some reason I am excited to do this work. Being outside, breathing the fresh air and standing back and looking proudly at the beauty that has been created over the years makes it all worth it to me.

With all of this in mind, I would like to plan a Kent State faculty and staff spring plant exchange this year. Some recommended plants for the exchange include perennial flowers and plants such as lilies and hosta. Plants that are hearty and easy to break up when they become too large are ones that will do well with transplanting. I have many plants that I plan to divide this spring.  They include:

Gooseneck Loosetrife from my garden – photo by Maria Terleckyj

  • Zebra grass
  • Turtlehead flower
  • Gooseneck loosestrife
  • Sundrops

If you would like to participate in this event, email me at by Friday, April 5, for further details.  Leave any questions you may have about the exchange below. You can also share some of your own gardening stories.  When did your love of gardening begin?