Food Fool’s Wake-up Call – Time’s A “Waisting”

So this week it was Meatless Wednesday – an attempt to increase our veggie intake or at least try something different. Or maybe we are just looking for that miracle dish that will melt the pounds away.  The meal was indeed lighter and certainly different but definitely tasty.  I had an outside appointment and missed the better part of the gathering, so I cannot relate anything about the conversation, although rumor has it there was less talk about “forbidden foods.”

Our menu consisted of asparagus spears, spaghetti squash with chopped tomatoes, which is my go to side dish; sliced red, yellow and orange peppers and cucumbers with hummus; and a wonderful mixed green salad with berries and nuts. The most interesting dish was a cottage cheese “meatless” casserole. The ingredients included low fat cottage cheese, Special K cereal, egg beaters, mushrooms, pecan pieces and meatloaf seasoning. I can see the look of disdain on all your faces, but it was indeed very tasty and everyone wanted the recipe. I intend to make it myself.  Of course, we had dessert, another Weight Watchers special – a diet soda cake with Cool Whip – light and tasty! The real truth about losing weight is that you cannot deprive yourself of what you love; the key is moderation and portion control. (Joel, we are looking forward to seeing those portion control plates).  

In reviewing the weight loss results, the time had come for serious discussion. Everyone agreed that we need to focus more on our efforts – to pay attention to what we were eating and how much and so we continue to fight the fight.

So next week, we are brown bagging it and sharing our best efforts for the week to inspire and encourage. Interestingly, there has been none of the sugary treats hanging around our break room area that we saw earlier and that’s a good thing!

I recently was reading an excerpt from a weight loss memoir merely because the title got my attention – Half-Assed by Jennette Fulda (one of those Kindle daily deals for $2.99).  There was a lot about the intro that was quite interesting and the book could be well worth reading. One of the chapters was titled “The Snooze Button.” How often do we respond to a wake- up call by hitting the snooze button? Interesting comment wouldn’t you say and certainly timely! Okay everyone, rise and shine!