Food Fools Update: Salad Day

It was a more modest weight loss total this week – a mere 5 pounds for the group with a few pounds gained here and there….so it was good to focus on a healthy lunch.  We met for Salad Day – those who had no meetings or commitments shared leafy greens and a variety of chopped veggies with some added protein of roasted chicken, shredded cheese and boiled eggs in small portions. The dressings were low calorie and low fat and “ low” portions, too!  In addition, we had a high protein, high fiber quinoa veggie salad that included black beans, corn and an oil free spicy vinaigrette. There were also grapes, apples and oranges for that touch of sweetness we all seem to crave.

One would think we would congratulate ourselves on our good behavior and celebrate our healthy lunch – but no! How crazy is this – our true “Food Fools “ inner nature revealed itself as we  spent the lunch hour eating healthy but talking trash – in the form of  APPLE PIE!!  Despite best efforts to move the conversation to anything else, we kept circling back to desserts!  There were attempts to define the best low fat, low calorie dessert, but hands down the craving was there for a good piece of apple pie -someone even said that is what they were going to have for dinner!  I had to put my foot down -there will be no dessert luncheons until at least the end of March – but that just seems soooo wrong!

Next week we will attempt a healthy soup luncheon with three members of the group bringing in the soups and the rest of us subsidizing the chefs for their efforts and purchases. On the list is also a day for veggie side dishes, so we can all try something different other than the usual green beans, broccoli and corn – how about a little spaghetti squash with a splash of marinara or some roasted butternut? The challenge in eating healthy is to avoid the ordinary and spice it up with something new and different.

And the challenge for this group seems to be finding something else to talk about besides DESSERT!