Food Fools Update – Fat Tuesday and Chocolate Hearts – The Double Whammy!

Reportedly Fat Tuesday is a day when people can eat and drink whatever they want knowing that with Ash Wednesday the next day, a period of fasting for Christians begins.  From the perspective of someone trying to manage eating habits this could be a day of grave consequences.  Pair that up with Valentine’s Day in the same week and it just spells disaster.

But then again, maybe not.  I am of the opinion that you cannot deprive yourself of those treats or foods you enjoy and everyone needs a splurge now and then. What must be kept in mind is that we all need to manage those times, and the foods and drinks in moderation.  So a punchki (paczki) on Tuesday and some chocolate on Thursday should not derail your efforts to lose weight.  I think we all know the more you deny yourself that treat, the more you want it and suddenly you are devouring the box, the bag or the entire cake! Yikes!!  Everything in moderation! 

Part of what I have learned is that I need to keep a healthy balance in my diet all the time enjoying the “really” good with the just plain good, and finding substitutes that give me pleasure for all the things I know I should not eat on a regular basis.  If you pay attention to any healthy, reputable diet plan I suspect you will hear the same thing.  The so called cabbage diet or any similar diet plan may work for a while, but I can’t imagine eating that way for the whole rest of my life nor do I want to.  We all need our juicy steak or mac and cheese or apple pie or that tall cold one…. So here’s to balance and moderation and the joy of eating!

Surprisingly (or not) the week’s results showed a reported 13.3 pound group weight loss, our best since that first week. Overall the total loss has been 31.2 pounds (gain of 8.8 loss of 40) for the 12 participants over the four weeks, with one of us gaining and losing the same pound for a couple weeks.

Outside commitments and work conspired to keep our weekly lunch meeting attendance to just three, so next week’s lunch plans were not decided.  Knowing this group, they will come up with something interesting. I will be away on a short vacation trip to the Big Apple and  you can assume correctly that this will be one of those times where I will relish the joy of eating with a tip of the hat to moderation.