Food Fool’s – “Souper” Bowl Party

It wasn’t planned to be part of the Super Bowl madness, but we found ourselves participating in our own “bowl” event last week featuring neither Ravens nor Niners but SOUPS!  The group met and shared a lunch of three soups: ham and lentil with spinach, chicken taco with corn and beans and a creamy butternut squash and sweet potato soup. All were “souper” to say the least.  A number of the “Food Fools” are past or present members of Weight Watchers, and the soups ranged from four to six points per full serving.  We even allowed ourselves a taste of an angel food cake and pineapple dessert (a Weight Watchers recipe).  In an attempt to keep meals interesting and fun while forgoing some of those less healthy foods, these weekly lunches allow us to try something new and share in our efforts to lose those pounds.

It seems that we are struggling with any consistent weight loss – for the most part wavering up and down by a pound or two. The benefit of our challenge is the fact that at least once a week we have that accountability factor. Just seeing each other in the hall every day is a good nudge as well, especially when there are treats to be found. Nothing like a gentle “What do you think you are doing?” as you put fork to cake to get you back on track :-) .

We are planning on a meatless Wednesday for our next lunch with a focus on veggies and protein. Of course the person who mentioned “cheesy potatoes” was soundly booed!  And we won’t mention the discussion of deep fried doughL.

As for me, I have been spending a bit more time on my trusty old treadmill – it’s taken awhile but I am finally getting my money’s worth from it and not as a place to hang items to be ironed. I watch the news while walking, so the more frustrating the day, the faster I walk – I’ve even managed a few bursts of running.  When finished, I feel somewhat energized and cooking a healthy dinner after that adds to the feeling of success.

So here’s to continued success – a rediscovered respect for vegetables and some good bursts of energy as we walk our troubles away!