Food Fool’s Reality Check

Oh the agony – how difficult it is to peel off one pound! And it seems like a conspiracy – just when you want to eat healthy, all you see is your favorite “junk” food!  Who keeps bringing that stuff in anyway?

 We just finished clearing out the holiday treats and now there is Valentine’s chocolate everywhere.

So here is an update on the weight loss challenge that 12 of us are doing in the Executive Offices. Only two members of the group paid their penalty for not losing a pound (or actually for gaining a pound – ARGH!!! – and I was one of them :-( ) but overall the group did very well, some far better than others – in fact the total weight loss was just over 16 pounds. Good job – and they don’t look like they suffered too much. The sad faces are those who paid the penalty.

Our biggest loser is really happy that she incorporated veggies and fruits back into her meal plan! Another said she quit eating snacks and junk food and started taking bee pollen.

A couple confessed that they had eaten so poorly the previous week before starting the challenge that their  weight loss was merely due to a dramatic change in what they did not eat this first week. So now they actually have to focus on “healthy” choices to keep the momentum going.

Nearly everyone did some walking today in an effort to take a hike – the two penalty people hiked the stairs to the ninth floor in the library in addition to their dollar payment.

As for me, less wine and more exercise…and back to a balance in what I eat. I did Weight Watchers and lost nearly 40 pounds – have gained a few back and will not let it get out of hand. So, I will count my points, list what I eat and go back to supplementing my meals with more veggies to fill me up. I enjoy my meats and pastas, but less of them.  I know what to do – I just have to do it.

Next week we meet as a group and brag or complain over lots of leafy greens and some bright colored veggies, a few juicy fruits with a small side of protein…YUM!!! 

At least we can all be thankful that we can easily find good and healthy food to eat and not have to rely on help to get a decent meal.

Until  later….think veggies and fruit and take a hike!!