Follow Up: Thanksgiving in a Flash

Fiala's Thanksgiving in a Flash

Watch my attempt at Thanksgiving in a Flash. Enjoy!

So I made the attempt. After writing the article, I figured that I should at least try to find out if it was possible.  Like an Olympic athlete, I visualized my every move, orchestrated each series of events, planned every last detail…then real life happened. I was about to get started when the pitter patter of little feet echoed through the upstairs hall and down the stairs. I found myself hoping that it was a flock of birds turned into the cobbler’s elves.

From the cacophony of noise emerged the three youngest children and my wife, Linda (Egan) Fiala (Kent State’95). A quick shift in plans and a fresh memory card in the camera yield our attempt at Thanksgiving in a Flash. The photo montage shows that give or take a few minutes, the menu that I presented in the article is able to be completed in about three hours. You’ll see that we took some time to explore the biology of the turkey, take in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and chase a large black squirrel.

See My Attempt at Thanksgiving In a Flash (video) – Enjoy!

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