An Emotional Achievement for Our Finest Faculty

After many years of awarding outstanding faculty members with the Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA), I am still touched by the overwhelming response from not only the recipients, but the students as well.

It’s always great to be a part of the moment when we make surprise visits to the winning DTA recipients’ classrooms. Everyone’s surprised and excited by the honor – especially the students who receive treats and a break from class! I look forward to these classroom visits every year since it’s an excellent opportunity to recognize a dedicated faculty member in front of the students he or she has had such an impact on.

When choosing nominees, we aim to recognize faculty whose patience and skill help students garner an understanding of the subject matter, which is paramount to student success. We also look closely at the faculty nomination letters, which show how these faculty members make a difference in students’ lives.

Watch highlights from the 2012 DTA classroom visits

If you know of a fellow faculty member who possesses these qualities, I would encourage you to take part in this feel-good experience by sending in a nomination for that deserving individual. To submit a nomination, please visit