A Food Fool’s Tale of Weight Loss

In the Office of the Provost, a number of people were groaning under the sheer weight of pounds gained during the holidays. And just like so many others, we thought “new year – new weight!” So a challenge was made.  Commit yourself to lose a certain number of pounds by April 1 or be the FOOL and pay the price.

Put your money where your mouth is (or was) – pay in advance a dollar for each pound you just knew you were going to lose.  At the end of the challenge you get back a dollar for each pound lost.  Remaining dollars for pounds not lost will be donated to Kent Social Services to support their efforts in feeding those that really did need the food. There are 12 of us in the Executive Offices in the library committed to losing about 160 pounds by April 1. By some standards, that is another person. Our first reality check is later this week, when we report if in fact we have managed to lose anything at all in our first 10 days of the challenge.  On that day, an additional challenge is that we all take a hike – to the ninth floor of the library! We will be hiking those stairs a few times in the coming weeks!

The gauntlet has been thrown and we each are now accountable to ourselves and each other to do what we can to lose those pounds! A salad day is scheduled for later in the month, with all contributing to a HEALTHY salad lunch — veggies and fruits are the foods of the day.

To make it more interesting, there is also a penalty clause. If you do not lose a pound at your weekly weigh-in, you need to chip in another dollar….more motivation!

Any other “food fools” out there willing to share weight loss challenges?

I will report results later with comments from the participants.

It is not a diet – it is healthy eating!